To understand where our church is today, it is important to be aware of the journey we have been on for the past 15+ years.

Our historic chapel St Peter’s, was built in 1885 at the Chelsea sugar works to provide a place of worship for the workers. From there, it was moved by horse & dray to Birkdale in 1907 before being relocated in 2000 to its present position on site.

Prior to this between 1986 and 1992 the parish grew dramatically. Despite adding on to the buildings at the St Nicholas site the two churches were bursting at the seams and in 1999 the decision was made to purchase some land to build one building to house the whole family together

In 2000 we sold our two churches and their land, St Nicholas’s located in Beach Haven and St Peter’s in Birkdale and purchased 2.7 acres of land at 56 a Tramway Road. This was a huge step of faith. Worship continued during this time both in the chapel & in the local school hall. In 2004 the vicarage was built & in 2005 two relocateable classrooms were moved on site, these are known as the ‘Chelsea Rooms’.

In 2010 the church took another giant leap of faith & began building what is now known as the Cedar Centre. This is a purpose built auditorium which seats 250 people. The foyer seats 80 people & is served by a commercial kitchen. The office block contains three individual offices, meeting room, main office & foodbank.

In 2012 a wooden cross was carved & erected on site, depicting the elements contained in our vision statement. Yet to come is the construction of the hall.​