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The closer you get to God, he will transform you more and more. Isaiah got close to God and he was transformed from being depressed to standing courageously. Paul met Jesus and was transformed from someone who persecuted Christians to someone who spread the message of Jesus everywhere he went. Moses got real close to God and he was transformed from a privileged son of Pharaoh to a humble man who led people out of slavery. On a wall in the Cedar Center there hangs a famous painting called 'The Prodigal’. Rembrandt’s painting tells the story of someone else who was transformed. The prodigal son was spiritually transformed when he got close to God after wandering away. The painting reminds us that we all have a tendency to wander away from the

Father who made us and loves us. The story and the painting reminds us that God is faithful, forgiving and compassionate. When the son returned his father saw him from a distance and ran to hug him and kiss him. Spiritual transformation begins the moment you say, “God I’m tired of living the way I’m living.” When we get to the place of total surrender, Jesus takes the initiative and runs towards

us to embrace us and welcome us. Your Heavenly Father is always ready to

transform you. He’s always ready to deepen his relationship with you. He’s always ready to greet you with open arms and transform you.

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