what we believe

As an Anglican Church we are shaped by the rich heritage of the Anglican Tradition and especially by the Charismatic Evangelical expression of that Tradition.

We believe in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

We believe in God as creator of the universe and all that is within it.

We believe that all people are created in the image of God and made for relationship with God and with others

We believe that Jesus, the Son of God, lived, died, and rose again to bring us forgiveness of sins and make a way for us to know relationship with God our Creator.

We believe that God is living and active and at work in our world today.  We believe that salvation is found in Christ alone and that transformation of individuals and communities takes place as people are renewed and made whole through relationship with God.

We believe that the Bible is God's word and that through it God speaks today.  We seek to live by the values and behaviours of the Kingdom of God as discovered in the Scriptures.

We believe in the Church as the Body of Christ and seek to be a welcoming community where there is a place for everyone.