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We all celebrate significant anniversaries. In this season of Advent please join me in thanksgiving to God for a significant anniversary of someone very special in our Church community. We give thanks for Rev’d Mark Wendelborn who celebrates 50 years of Ordination as a Deacon in the Anglican Church.

The word ‘Deacon’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Diakonos’ which is an ancient word meaning ’servant’ ‘one who waits' ‘minister' or ‘messenger’. Rev’d Mark is someone who encapsulates all these wonderful qualities and is such a great example and encouragement to us. We continue to give thanks for and pray for Mark and Betty. Let’s pray that we may all follow the way of the ‘Diakonos’.

Thank you so much to all who gave a financial gift for our ’Spring to Life’ gift day. We are so pleased to say that the total as of today is $ 19500. We also give thanks that 10% of the amount will be given to the Auckland City Mission’s ‘Ground Zero’ ministry and work with the homeless. Please join me in giving thanks to God and let’s keep praying for perseverance, generosity, wisdom and discernment for 2022.

Please pray for the Vestry as we gather this evening to discuss the Diocesan Policy for the Covid Protection Plan with regards to regathering in Church buildings for services. There is some work to do before we hold services again in the Cedar Centre again and we are not wanting to rush through the process.

‘You are the Holy One enthroned on the praises of your people. Our ancestors trusted in you and you delivered them; they put their trust in you and were not disappointed.’ Psalm 22:3-5 Arohanui Warren



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