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The Valley of Silence

Life is hard for most of us. Well at least it's hard to live nobly, purely, victoriously or Christianly. We can do so only by getting heaps of help from the Holy Spirit. We need, therefore, to respond daily to Jesus’ invitation, “Come apart.” When you make time to withdraw, you will receive strength and blessing so as to live and fulfill your mission and ministry. If you would like to live a strong, beautiful, radiant and useful Christian life, getting secret times of prayer in your life is a necessity. When you do withdraw to talk with God and take your Bible with you into that quiet place, your Father in heaven will talk to you. Here is one of my favorite poems from an anonymous poet called ’The Valley of Silence’: In the hush of the valley of silence I dream all the songs that I sing; And the music floats down the dim valley, Till each finds a word for a wing, That to hearts, like the dove of the Deluge, A message of peace they may bring.

But far on the deep there are billows That never shall break on the beach; And I have heard songs in the silence That never shall float into speech; And I have had dreams in the valley Too lofty for language to reach.

Do you ask me the place of the valley, Ye hearts that are harrowed by care? It lieth afar between mountains, And God and His angels are there; One is the dark mountain of sorrow, And one the bright mountain of prayer.

It is only in the valley of silence and coming apart with Christ that you can dream the dreams and see the visions which you can then translate into your actual life and grow in Godly character. As Jesus says, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place” Mark 6:31. How will you respond to the invitation?

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