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Pray without ceasing

Last Friday and Saturday the Anglican Church celebrated the lives of St Augustine (Aug 28) and his mother St Monica (Aug 27). Monica was a wonderful, prayerful Christian mother. However, her heart was broken when Augustine went astray in faith and morals. Monica’s prayers and tears for him became incessant. She followed him to Milan and continued to storm heaven with her prayers for her son. Finally she had the joy of witnessing his baptism in 387. Monica died in Ostia as she and her son gazed at the sea talking about the joys of knowing Jesus personally. Augustine went on to become one of the most important figures in bringing Christianity to dominance in the previously pagan Roman Empire. In Augustine’s book ‘Confessions’ he wrote about his life before he was a Christian labeling himself as a sinner. The sins that Augustine confesses in his book are of many different nature and severities, such as lust/adultery, stealing and lies, yet he came to know and experience the forgiveness and freedom of Christ. Monica is a great example and an inspiration for us all especially when it comes to praying for family members or friends who are not yet Christians. We should never give up praying and like Monica ’storm heaven with our tears and prayers’ for others. I know this personally as I was once a Prodigal son and God heard the prayers of Christians and wonderfully brought me to know Jesus. Tonight we gather on Zoom for our 1st Priority Prayer gathering (click here). Please join with me in praying for our friends, family, church, world and nation.



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